The hardest step to learn is the one that takes you to your first class.

Our philosophy is three-fold: we believe dance should be for everyone and that everyone should access to a high level of training. We believe that dance is an opportunity not only to create art, but also to build confidence, social skills and physical well-being. We believe in the healing power of dance and the promotion of the mind, body and spirit connection, in living in the moment while being present in the dance. RL Dance is about creating a fun atmosphere where kids and adults alike feel safe to express themselves. We strive to create a family atmosphere where our dancers are more than just students; we are united in dance. 

Your Instructors

Robyn Lindsey

Founder and Artistic Director of RL Dance Company started her dance journey at the age of 4. After pursuing her dance degree from John Moores University in Liverpool, England, she taught, trained, competed and performed all over the world, including London, Ohio and Texas. Robyn teaches ballet, contemporary, hip hop and ballroom dancing. after settling in Maryland in 2013, she began building her business by teaching at studios and through Montgomery County Department of Recreation. She gave birth to her daughter last year and continues to teach and perform throughout Maryland and DC.


Theresa Hiatt

Britany bostic

Britany teaches Ballet and Summer Camps

Sarah Hamang

Sarah currently teaches Hip Hop and Ballet.

Adriana LunaMcgee

Adriana teaches Hip Hop, Hippo Hoppo and Summer Camps.

We're Hiring!

Are you interested in becoming a teacher with RL Dance Company? We are in search of teachers for private lessons, group classes, summer camps, and events in Montgomery, Howard, Ann Arundel, and Prince George's Counties as well as in Baltimore and DC. Please submit a resume and why you think you would be a good fit for our company to